About Me

Welcome and thank-you for your interest!  Are you a seasoned executive suffering from burnout?  Are you a health care provider who is suffering from compassion fatigue?  Has job hopping become the norm for you; looking for positions that make you happy?  I can relate.  I left the nursing profession as well as a lucrative career in medical sales because I was suffering from burnout which progressed into compassion fatigue.  Many professions are challenged by burnout and compassion fatigue and it’s not limited to just the healthcare industry!  Some examples of other professions include lawyers and educators.  Before you decide to jump ship, let me tell you that you can have it all; happiness in your life and LOVING what you do!

In addition, I embrace a healthy and holistic approach to life and health!  I consume a plant based diet that is jam packed (pun intended) with nutrients to sustain health with an emphasis on disease prevention!  If you are wanting to embark on a more nutritionally sound lifestyle, let me assist you in making the best decisions for you and your health!

Please use the “contact me” page to find out more about pricing and to get you started on your path to a happier and more fulfilled YOU!

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