How many dare to step outside the boundaries of a complacent life and test the waters?  Sounds and feels kind of scary now doesn’t it?  Personally, I think being stuck in a complacent syndrome sounds worse.  Let’s look at the definition of “complacency.”  “Complacency:  A feeling of being satisfied with how things are and not wanting to try and make them better.”  Whoah.  That’s some pretty heavy-duty stuff right there!  Where does this come from?

I’ll tell you where….from fear.  From the fear of being hurt, rejected, ohhhh, and of failing.  God forbid we fail at anything, right?!!   Nooo…..honestly we learn so much more from our mistakes than we do from our successes.  It’s all about the struggle people.  The struggles make us stronger, make us more resilient, make us more empowered, and guess what else….more confident!  Confidence from failing?  Yes…unless you let fear rule you and fall into a complacent syndrome.

But, complacency is “safe,” you say.  It’s really not.  Complacency kills.  It kills dreams, it leads to living a life of status quo, it says, “let’s hide your talent in the closet,” and it leads to regrets later on in life.  So, knowing this, who would pick a life of complacency?

You know, I recently spoke with a man who had spent 30 years of his life being complacent.  He had a job he hated with great benefits that he loved.  It hurt his relationships and killed his spirit.  He was able to retire early and is now making enormous strides toward happiness and living out some of his dreams.  Wow.  Do you want to spend 30 years of time doing something you don’t enjoy?  Complacency does that to a person.

As we move forward, I ask each and every one of your reading this blog to stretch just a little out of your comfort zone.  Yes, it’s scary.  You might fail.  But you know what?  There’s always strength in the fall and guess what?  You just might trip and stumble up!

Love and light to your hearts,


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