Empaths and Weight

I absorb energy as an empath.  When I encounter positive energy, I suck it up like a sponge.  I feel a newfound sense of vitality and my energy levels soar.  I love hanging out with that one, truly positive person, as it can fill my cup for long periods of time.  It’s like popping a fully charged battery into the core of my being.  Negativity, on the other hand, is something that leaves me drained and fatigued.

Negativity depletes my gas tank so I’m running on empty.  If we think of energy as fuel, then how do I refuel my tank?  My #1 go to has always been food.  There are definitely some pros and cons to this refueling strategy.  Initially, I do need food to regain my energy.  While it is unknown how many calories you burn dodging negativity or re-framing a negative conversation, I don’t think it’s as much as what I tend to eat.  Over the years this has led to fluctuations in my weight.  What I’ve learned is that when I’m thin, I have less “padding” to absorb negativity and when continually exposed to negativity, I gain weight.  If you look at twentieth-century faith healers, you will notice that they were all grossly obese.  Why is this?  It’s because they, as well as myself,  were not attuned to blocking negative energy.   We take it on as our own and we eat to refuel.  The big question is now, what do we do about it because certainly, we don’t want to compound refueling with a health crisis.

Here are some interventions to break the over-fueling cycle:

  1. First and foremost protect yourself.  We hear this all the time and yet we forget.  An empath friend of mine likes to say, “bubble up” which simply means to visualize yourself safe within a protective bubble.  I like to call on Archangel Michael to protect me with his beautiful blue light from all seen and unseen entities.
  2. Keep healthy, non-processed foods in your refrigerator as a “go-to” for energetic eating.  I keep celery sticks readily available so I can just crunch away when I’m feeling depleted.  For me, it’s all in the crunch!  I also do meal prep in advance, so I can heat up a healthy, frozen meal instead of overeating while cooking or trying to think of something healthy to cook.
  3. Take a bath or shower.  I’m a bath person, so I’ll plop myself in the tub and soak for a while.  I stay in until all the water has drained, picturing all negative energy going down the drain.  Empaths love water!
  4. Take a few deep breaths.  When I’m in a situation where I feel negative energy, I take a few deep breaths.  On the exhale, I picture myself blowing away all negative energy and breathing in positive energy on the inhale.
  5. Get in a quick,  3-5 minute meditation.  If you’re an empath, you MUST have a  meditation practice.  No excuses.  Download the free app “Insight Timer” and pick a short meditation.  You will feel energetically repleted.
  6. Get some energy work done by a reputable Reiki Master.  I’m a Reiki Master, but I still get regular sessions from someone that I adore.  It’s nice to have that extra insight and guidance from an objective person.
  7. Surround yourself with positive people.  The main people in your life should support and encourage you, lift you up, and be a source of enjoyment.  There is no room for bad relationships in an empath’s life.  Set healthy boundaries and stick to them.
  8. Check-in with yourself and identify any triggers in your eating.  Am I eating this because of feelings, thoughts, or emotions that I haven’t dealt with?  I ate at my ex-husband for years!  Once I became aware of this trigger, I was able to change it!  Awareness is key in eliciting change.
  9. Keep a journal and write, write, write.  The ONLY way to be less in your head and more in your heart is by giving those thoughts an exit strategy.  The pen is the conduit.  No exceptions.
  10. If you are on any form of social media (and who isn’t these days), make it all positive.  If there is any negativity, delete it.  Delete friends and family who aren’t supporting you.  This may sound harsh, but you have got to protect yourself.  In addition, don’t complain about your life or vent to others on social media.  This brings more negativity into your life.
  11. Because I’m a spiritual person, I will always encourage prayer.  It’s something that you can ALWAYS do in ANY situation, great or small.  Check-in with whatever Higher Power resonates with you.  You will be amazed at how the situation will change, not only within yourself but within others.  When you elevate YOUR vibration, others naturally respond.

I love hearing from all of you, so let me know how you’re doing as an empath in this awesome world!

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