The word, “integrity” has come up several times this week.  What does integrity mean to you?  To me, it’s my moral compass.  It’s the rules and norms that I have in place for myself.  It makes me who I am.  It is my truth.  But honestly, I really haven’t given it much thought until this week.

When I was in medical sales, I left a couple of companies because I didn’t like what I was seeing.  With a background in nursing, I made a promise to “do no harm.”  Because of this, my moral compass pointed me in the direction of compounded, topical pain medications.  To say that I loved what I did would be an understatement.  Patients were calling me, hugging me, and writing to the company stating their pain was either gone or at a level that they could live with.  I helped people every day and was rewarded with a free-flowing abundance in finances and opportunities.  Our company thrived and grew in ways never imagined.  Unfortunately, “bad players” found their way into this therapy and abused the system, ultimately leading to its near demise, and I was heartbroken. I KNEW this was relieving patients’ pain all across the nation.

It’s been a few years now, and I hadn’t really thought of that story until this week.  I was having a conversation with a government official who had been instrumental in finding these “bad players” in my beloved topical world.  In this person’s opinion, the therapy didn’t work, was overpriced, and was just a scam.  I took the opportunity to educate and inform.  I explained how every physician that either myself or my direct reports called on, was educated in the therapy.  Questions were answered by pharmacists trained in compounding, and sometimes by even the guru himself that truly started and saw a vision for this therapy.  I talked about the times when we were asked to do things by accounts that didn’t align with the vision of the company, our morals and values as salespeople, and any other necessary actions that needed to take place.  At the end of the conversation, the government official thanked me.  Thanked me for having “integrity” in the medical profession and explained that when you only see the bad behaviors, you forget that there are people, companies, and therapies that are beneficial to patients.

How did I feel after this encounter?  Good.  I had given my heart and soul to a therapy that worked for patients and was ultimately removed from their treatment options due to the greed of others.  I voiced my role in compounds and used the opportunity to educate.  It was a productive day!  I looked at the clock and I still had time to make it to my hot yoga class.  As the class got underway,  the instructor talked about getting into difficult poses and how it’s your “integrity” that allows you to challenge yourself.  There’s that word again, in a completely different context, but the meaning remains the same.   Integrity.  It keeps your head held high, allows you to sleep well at night, gets you into poses and positions that you never could imagine, and is your truth.  Namaste, you wonderful souls.  😉

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