High Vibe is Where the Magic Happens

Have you ever heard of high vibrational living?  I’ll be honest with you, it’s definitely where the magic happens!  By magic, I mean a happier and healthier lifestyle, and who isn’t about that?

Let’s face it.  Everything is energy!  So to understand the high-vibration life, you need to understand energy.  The chair you’re sitting in right now gives off energy.  Everything is about vibrational frequency and some things give off more than others.  Have you ever met someone and been immediately attracted to something about them?  You were probably tapping into their vibrational frequency and I’m guessing it was high!  Inversely, have you ever walked into a home and felt “creepy” about something there?  Again, you are tapping into the energy in the home.  When we are attuned to various types of energies, or vibrations, this can have a significant impact on our lives.  Raising our own vibrations can enhance our health and guide us into a happier life!  Here are some easy ways you can incorporate high vibrational living into your current lifestyle:

  1.  Eat an organic and/or vegan diet.  I’m a huge advocate for this type of lifestyle because it changed mine immensely.  Not only were the results in my blood work, but it opened up my heart to other opportunities, and I was happier!
  2. Use pure-grade essential oils, liberally!  I spray my shower every morning with essential oils, wear them on my body, put them on my feet at night, and keep a mixture of some of my favorites in the diffuser all day long.
  3. Sing, dance, and hug as much as possible.  The more you move, the more you raise your vibration!  And hugging, come on.  There’s nothing better than the human touch!
  4. Be grateful!  Start a gratitude journal.  Focusing on what you do have, instead of what you don’t have, shifts you into high vibe mode!  Find 3-5 things to write down every night before sleep and watch how your life changes!
  5. Meditate.  Calming down the “monkey mind” helps to release the anxiety that is most certainly low vibration.  Meditating even 10-15 minutes per day can change your life drastically.  I always suggest starting small.  It took me a long time to incorporate meditation into my daily practice.  Pop in a YouTube guided meditation video on your phone, put on some headphones, and have at it!  When your mind wanders, gently say “thank you but not right now” and bring it back to the video.  And oh man, do your gratitude journal first, then meditate. You’ll be feeling amazing in about 2 weeks!
  6. Drink plenty of water!  We all absorb toxicity from various things on a daily basis.  Keeping up with your water flushes out the toxins and lets the high vibe do its thing!
  7. Be aware of your thoughts.  Everything you think and say can and will have an impact.  I remember when I first started paying attention to my “self-talk.”  I found myself saying “Fran, you’re an idiot” every time I messed up.  When I changed that simple phrase into, “Fran, you’re really not an idiot.  You’re a well-educated woman” my life soared into high vibe mode!
  8. Random acts of kindness.  When you give to others without expecting anything in return, you enter into the universal flow of giving and receiving.  And, we all know that when you have the mindset of “I have enough to spare and share” you enter into a more abundant lifestyle.  Abundance is definitely a high vibe!
  9. Appreciate the beauty in your life!  Watch a beautiful sunrise and be thankful (you could even write this in your gratitude journal!)  There’s beauty all around you every day.  Find it and appreciate it.  I can feel your vibe soaring from here!
  10. Do something in nature.  Go for a hike, or a swim, or simply take off your shoes and wiggle your toes in the grass or sand.  We need the negative ions from the ground and this most certainly helps with raising our vibration.
  11. Say “NO” to something that zaps your energy!  This one is my personal favorite.  Save your high vibes for YOU and don’t give them away!
  12. Don’t shout or argue.  This is definitely a low vibe.  If you feel you are about to lose control and raise your voice, take 2 deep breaths and rethink the situation.  Walk outside for a minute if you need to.  Remember, this robs you of a healthy life!
  13. Declutter your life.  Do you have too much junk on your desk at work?  Declutter it and watch your productivity rise.  Do you have too much junk at home?  Declutter it.  Put out 3 garbage bags per day and get rid of anything you aren’t using until your space is free of clutter.  Clearing your home space most certainly will help your vibe as well as the vibe of all occupants in the home.
  14. Spend time with high-vibe people!  This is another one of my personal favorites!  I just got back from a girl’s weekend in the mountains and feel amazing about it!  When you are with friends who love and support you, there’s no drama; only lifting one another up.  Your vibe will thank you big time!
  15. Smile at everyone you meet.  Your smile is contagious.  People smile back.  Again, this gets you into universal flow, which raises your vibe!

Embracing a high-vibrational lifestyle isn’t difficult.  Start out small and be aware of the changes you are making.  Self-awareness is key to a happy life.  If you need any more guidance on embarking on this type of healthy lifestyle, please feel free to contact me.  Peace to your hearts, peeps!

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