Is Your Tire Flat?

When we think of living a healthy, balanced life, what does that mean to you?  Think of your life like a bicycle tire.  When all the spokes are steady, strong, in place, and there’s plenty of air in the tire, you are ready to take off and ride!  But, what happens when a spoke is missing?  You get a flat!

When I began my journey to health over 3 years ago, I did the “doctor” things for sure; diet and exercise.  I was lucky to find an awesome yoga instructor, that was more of a healer.  I took a deep dive into other aspects of my life:  1) Parenting…Yup.  Kids in college and doing well; 2) Personal Development…Check.  3) Career….Check; 4) Finance…. Check.  5) Health/Aging….Yup.  Working on that; 6)  Relationships (social and personal)…. this has always been a work in progress, but better in Colorado; 7) Fun and enjoyment….Again, this is something that I actively work on; 8) Spiritual awareness…..oh HELL no!  This was my FLAT tire!

In a conversation with a friend of mine, she asked me about my spirituality.  I said, “God is in my heart.  I don’t need organized religion.”  The fact of the matter was that I had left Catholicism many years ago.  I couldn’t even remember the last time I had prayed!  I was sick and tired of all that sin and punishment and I never felt as though I was a good person; constantly striving to be a better person and always feeling as though I had missed the mark, so I left.

Now, I’m faced with my flat tire, so what do I do?  A friend of mine had mentioned an all-inclusive church here in Denver, and while intrigued, again, organized religion just didn’t feel right.  She continued to encourage me, and I decided to go to Mile Hi Church on Easter Sunday in 2017.  That was it for me.  Everyone was so warm and welcoming and the service was amazing!  Then, Jennifer Burnett sang the song, “In the Land of I Am” and the tears flowed.  Healing tears.  For you see, my relationship with God and my spirituality had been such an important part of me for the majority of my life, and I missed it.  The first key to change is self-awareness.  I was bonked on the head with this BIG TIME!

In almost a year following that Easter Service, I’ve only missed a few Sunday services.  I’ve taken classes there to continue with my healing and find my way back to my spirituality.  Actually, if I’m totally honest here, my spirituality has gone to levels never previously experienced.  I am at peace.  I am happy.  I have healed those old wounds of the past, and now I am a healer.

So, when we talk about living a healthy and balanced life, you HAVE to look at all the spokes on your wheel.  What’s missing that will cause you to get a flat?  What just needs a little more air?  When you truly take a long, hard look at the things in your life that lead to happiness, look at your spirituality.  Without it, nothing else will take off, and don’t you want a nice, smooth ride with a bump once in a while?

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