So, you’ve gotten a pretty scary diagnosis.  You’re following your doctor’s orders as prescribed.  Maybe you’re undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, or recovering from surgery.  My question to you is, “Where is your mind and thought process during this time?”

We’ve all heard stories of people receiving miraculous recoveries.  What did those people do to assist their healing process?  Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about how he used the power within himself to heal.  Dr. Dispenza was participating in a triathlon when he was hit by a truck.  He had several vertebral fractures and was told he would need surgery and ultimately he would be paralyzed with or without the surgery.  He decided to heal himself.  Within 11 weeks time, he was back in his office seeing patients.  This has led to his lifelong research in the mind-body connection.

One thing that Dr. Dispenza did not sway from, is setting clear intentions and visualization for healing.  If his thoughts diverted to anything negative or not focusing on the “prize”, he would simply guide them back to the task at hand; healing his spine.

I wholeheartedly believe in the mind-body connection for healing.  Clear the pathways in your life and in your mind that isn’t serving the purpose of your healing.  Remove any blocks such as naysayers, toxic people, etc. that may impede your positive thoughts on healing.  In addition, monitor your stress levels.  What things are raising your feelings of stress?  Can you reduce them right then and there on the spot with just a couple of deep breaths?

I have seen great results with my clients all along the continuum of the healing process.  When you reduce outer forces, clear your mind, focus on visualization, and keep your thoughts positive, all types of healing occur.

For more information on visualization and other modalities to enhance healing in your life, please feel free to contact me.

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